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Use Natural Ingredient Made Skin Bleaching Creams for Ultimate Results

Do you suffer from embarrassing dark or discolored areas? Many women and men do! We all want to look our best, especially in the most intimate of areas on our bodies! Now you can with this specially 5 steps formula lightening for sensitive areas that takes 30 min to an hour. Our lightening steps for sensitive areas are safe and is specially formulated for lightening the sensitive skin of the anal and genital areas safely and gently without irritation or side effects.


Anal & Vaginal "Bleaching" Lightening

We all want to look our best. Especially in the most intimate areas of our bodies, and now you can with our exclusive "bleaching" procedure for sensitive areas.

Our anal or vaginal "bleaching" service lightens the pigment around the anal opening to provide a smooth and sexy appearance. Many individuals have a natural discoloration surrounding the exterior of the anus, and just as many people find it less than desirable.. Our anal "bleaching" procedure provides a safe and easy way to lighten your skin and make you feel sexy all over.

Our accelerated skin brightening system for Sensitive Areas is designed for use in the anal, vaginal, genital, underarm, face, knees/elbows, scars, burn marks and other intimate areas. Great for ALL skin types! typical results after the first visit are 2-3 shades lighter and will continue to lighten with repeat visits or kit purchase.

Our estheticians make you feel comfortable and confident with our "bleaching" services. As professional skin bleaching go hand in hand, our staff takes the time to plan out a bleaching regime that is personally suited to your needs. After we apply the product you can expect to see the area 2-3 shades lighter immediately.  Keep in mind 2-3 shades lighter is a significant difference. It's like getting a skin brightening facial for your face. One facial will brighten up your skin but any dark areas of pigmentation will not be completely gone. For best results you will have to continue to use all products as directed.

The speed of the visual result is contingent on your melanin depth which you've inherited. Everyone lightens up at different speeds.


Most people do use many cosmetics to shine their different body parts. But what about those private parts, which you have never been cared of or ignored to improve their beauty? Yes,

the discussion is about your private part like anus which you do not care of intentionally. But no need to lose your heart, as the solutions come in the form of anal bleaching cream which are made effective to improve the color of anus.

Usually, the market is rich with some high quality anal bleaching creams. But one is advised to use only natural ingredient made skin bleaching creams.


Some highly effective ingredients used in making of anus bleaching cream are Lactic Acid, Malic acid, a-Arbutin, , Kojic acid, Emblica extract etc.

The creams made with such ingredients are highly effective to increase the fairness of anus and its surrounding areas. Even more, the chances of side effects are also rare.

So, it’s recommended to use the anal bleaching creams made by above discussed materials.


You can also avail the anal skin lightening services at trusted Spa centers. At such places, you can avail anal bleaching or skin lightening services in a secure manner.

You will get totally secure and private treatment by the experts.  They will do quality work to improve the color of your anus and make it similar to the color of other body parts.


One can use such creams at home. The creams can be applied easily on the skin of anus and are also safe.

Some highly preferred anal bleaching creams available in the market are pink daisy personal bleaching cream, honey bare but bleach, secret bright, clark’s botanicals skin lightening kojic cream,

DHC alpha arbutin white cream and many more. Such creams are well-known in the market and are meant effective for anal skin lightening purpose.  These creams are also used in renowned Spa and skin care centers.

So, interested people can buy them and can use at home to glow the skin of their private parts.

Anal bleaching is the process of lightening the color of the skin around the anus.

It is done for cosmetic purposes, to make the color of the anus more uniform with the surrounding area.


Pornography actresses and related entertainers were apparently the first to undergo the anal bleaching process

, in an effort to lighten the color of their anuses to match the rest of their skin.


As Brazilian waxing became popular, due to the popularity of smaller swimsuits and lingerie,

the spread of pornography into the mainstream and endorsement of the procedure by celebrities,

women began noticing that their anuses were darker than the rest of their skin.

2015 was supposedly the year of the booty, so can you blame me? Butts are the one body part you always notice on other people without ever knowing what your own looks like.

Unless you’re super flexible, that is.


Naturally, I’m also fascinated by all the things we do to get our asses looking like Nicki Minaj’s circa “Anaconda.” Namely, anal bleaching.

No longer the domain of the Kim Kardashians of the world, bleaching your butthole is now for us normal people, too.


1. Is it just girls who bleach, or do guys get their anuses whitened, too?


Sorry, dudes, but the girls are way more into bleached their parts than you are.


“Nine out of 10 are women,” Ramirez says. “Some come for the anal bleaching, while some come in for both the anal and vaginal treatment.”


Face to Face NYC also refers to anal bleaching as the “New Ring Tone,” (get it?) which, while slightly cheesy,

is definitely cuter than any phrase involving the word “anus.”


However, the California-based Pink Cheeks salon has a more gender-neutral clientele.


“Everyone does it,” Esser-Thorin explains. “Women mostly, but it is becoming popular with men, too.

Yes, mostly gay men, but some men who might have a ‘secret life’ purchase it, too.”


Secret life, you say?


2. So, what exactly is it? Am I pouring Clorox down my butthole?


At Face to Face, the bleaching effect is a result of a fruit acid peel.


Pink Cheeks, on the other hand, uses a Kojic acid peel that’s way less scary than it sounds.

Kojic acid is actually a byproduct of the rice fermenting process (AKA sake). It’s used in both food and cosmetics to preserve and change the color of a product.


Chances are, if you’ve ever used a cream for acne scarring or anti-aging creams, you’ve probably already been exposed to the stuff.


No Clorox involved.


3. How long will I be in there? Should I block out my entire afternoon?


No need to cancel your evening plans. Ramirez says the treatment takes about two minutes.


“You don’t even need an appointment,” he explains. “Most women just walk in.”


During your next lunch break, you’ll have plenty of time to hit up the salon. The process is essentially just one step, the application of the fruit acid peel. Then,

leave the peel on for at least two hours while your skin absorbs the acid.


You can go about your day normally during that time. Or, you know, as normally as you can while knowing you’re wearing a butthole peel.


4. What if you’re DIY-ing it?


Get ready for commitment. If you don’t want anyone getting up close and personal with your anus (in which case,

why are you having your asshole bleached at all?), opt for an at-home version.


“You apply the product every night,” says Esser-Thorin. “If you are newly using it and it tingle-stings a little bit,

put it on every other night until your anal area gets used to it.”


In this case, more is certainly not better. Your body can only absorb so much at a time, Esser-Thorin explains, so wasting it doesn’t make any sense.


A word to the wise: Don’t let the cream get inside your labia. If you do, it will “thump” in there “for about three days,”

according to Esser-Thorin. “The bleach will be trying to draw the “dark” out from inside you.”


Well, that’s a horrifying thought.


5. I’m ready to get bleached. How long will it take me to achieve porn star status?


It depends on the darkness of your butthole, so pick up a hand mirror.


“For some women it may take one to three treatments,” explains Ramirez. “Others may have to sign up for the entire six-series treatment.”


It all depends on how light you want to go.


6. How pale should I go?


Don’t try to be Casper and make your anus transparent (also, ew).


“We ask you to go up two shades, any more and it will begin to look weird,” Esser-Thorin says. “The lightness will blend [nicely] with your own skin.”


I’m not entirely sure what an unnaturally light asshole looks like, but this definitely makes me question things. To Google, I go!


7. Will I feel the burn?


Both Esser-Thorin and Ramirez firmly insisted that the process is totally pain-free.


“It’s not painful at all,” Ramirez exclaims. “Just a minor tingle and boom, a whole new ring tone.”


8. Why do people do this? Who will even see your asshole except for some dude from Tinder?


“People do it for both themselves and others,” explains Esser-Thorin.


She says her customers take pride in knowing they’re clean and well-groomed, even downstairs. The idea is appealing to partners,

especially those who get a little squeamish. Some even like to pretend they’re naturally blessed with perfect, pinky-brown buttholes.


To be fair, a lighter asshole doesn’t necessarily mean a cleaner asshole. Bleaching isn’t a substitute for keeping things scrubbed down there.

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